How to Submit Your Song

We’ve been getting a few questions about submitting your song. Here are the steps so you know you’ve submitted properly:

1) Upload your song to YouTube

Upload your song and make sure the “visibility” settings are set to “public.” You do that here in the “video details” of your song:

If the visibility settings are set to private, or unlisted as it is above, we might not be able to see your video and we won’t be able to display your song on our watch page.

2) Copy your YouTube Link from the url bar

Once your video uploads, copy the url from the browser’s address bar. It will have the word “watch” in the url.

It’s good practice to share your song with someone to make sure they watch it. This will ensure your settings are correct for your video.

3) Fill out the submission form on

  • Login to your account on Click the red button to reveal the submission form.
  • Upload your song YouTube link to the form twice. The first field is for your profile account, and the second for the public-facing Watch page. Make sure the YouTube url is the one with the word “watch” in it.
  • Fill out the submission details in the form: songwriter name(s), performer name(s), lyrics, etc.
  • Click “Update Profile”. You’ll be able to edit your submission profile for the 24 hours the contest is live. Once the contest period ends, all submissions will be publicly viewable.
  • That’s it! There is no email confirmation, but once you update your profile, you should see your video and information populate on the page.